Important: The prorated process only applies to the clients that make the payments via Credit Card. If you use PayPal, ask our customers service.

You can buy new agents when you need it, and the price is according to your plan and current prices but the first payment could be different for the first bill including these new agents. We apply a pro-rata cost and with an apportionment process that calculates the cost of agents added according to the days left for the next billing date.

An example of prorated costs for new agents

Le'ts supose that you have a per-agent plan with a cost of $20 per agent and you start your plan on 01/01 the next charge is 01/02 so the agents added during this billing cycle will be charged as follows:

Yo must bear in mind that the cost is calculated after the agent is active, and this only happens when he confirms his e-mail

  • if you add an agent on 15/01 once it is confirmed Toky charge you what corresponds, in this case it would be 50%, because there are only 15 days to arrive on 01/02
  • If you add an agent on 02/01, I'll charge you approximately, $19.5. 
  • If you add an agent on 25/01 I'll charge you $4 approximately. It depends on how many days of use you have until you reach the end of the period.

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