You can use Toky for starting your call center or as your business phone system. 

You can use Toky starting with one agent and get your own virtual phone number in more than 60 countries, even paid plans can include a free virtual phone number in selected countries or you can get phone numbers starting at $4.

What you DON'T have to pay in Toky

  • Unlimited inbound calls from local phone numbers and live calls are free. Toll-free phone numbers have a price per minute.
  • Our call center features are included in all our plans
  • All our  integrations with CRM and other apps are included in all our plans. Only Salesforce requires a team plan.
  • Voicemail storage
  • Call recording storage
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Customer service will always be ready to help you

What you have to pay in Toky

These are the fixed costs of having Toky:

These are the variable costs of having Toky

  • Outbound minutes: Every outbound call will generate a cost per minute depending on the destination country and the line type. Check our coverage page to validate prices
  • Toll-free numbers: Besides the monthly payment per number, you pay per inbound minutes and a one-time installation fee.
  • SMS text messages: You pay a price per message depending on the country. Check our coverage page to validate prices
  • Speech to text: You can enable STT for voicemail and call recordings, and you have to pay for this service.
  • Fax to email service: If you enable your fax to email feature you will have to pay $0.02 per page.

For more information contact our customer service or visit our pricing page.

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