Toky has several integrations with CRM and other tools if you have some problems these steps could help you to find what's wrong:

  1. Every integration has some requirements and steps to follow to work correctly. Visit click on the desired integration and check if all the steps are completed. You must require API Key, Consumer Secret or Sub-domain

  2. Install the Google Chrome Extension to enable click to call

  3.  Check the event log for your integration visiting the integration's log.

  4. In case you can not detect what is happening with your integration you can contact customer service by providing the name of the integration and details like the problem description and the phone number or contact with problems.


  • The synchronization time will depend on the number of contacts you have in the CRM

  • Every 10 minutes synchronization process is performed for new contacts / leads

  • If a contact is recently added and a call is made to that contact, the call record will appear in the contact's profile at the next synchronization

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