You can use Toky to send SMS in few clicks. Every text message has a price per SMS which you can find in our coverage page.

The price per SMS applies for texts up to 140 characters in GSM-7 encoding or 65 if you use special characters like emojis. If you send a longer text, it will be divided into blocks of 140 or 65 chars each, depending on the encoding, and every part will be charged as one message. The text blocks are reassembled as one message on the destination.

Why are there two different text limits?

The limit of 140 characters only applies to regular characters of the GSM-7 encoding which require 1 byte for transference, if you use special characters like '{' and ']' the encoding could change to UCS-2 encoding because these characters require 2 bytes, so the message limit changes to  65 characters.

For example:

  • "Hi, this is a test message" has 26 characters and needs 26 bytes for transference.
  • "Hi, this is a test {message}" has 28 characters and needs 30 bytes for transference. This is because the "{" and "}" symbols requires 2 bytes instead of one.

You can check the length of your messages in this tool before sending bulk messages using our API or our Bulk SMS add-on.

You must get an SMS enabled phone number in order to send and even receive text messages.

Is this a limitation imposed by Toky?

No, this is how SMS work across the industry.

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