Before you start please take into account the following tips.

  • The synchronization time will depend on the number of contacts you have in Pipedrive

  • Every 15 minutes synchronization process is performed for new contacts/leads. The synchronization to Toky could take 15 to 30 minutes for new contacts/deals recently created in Pipedrive.

  • If a contact is recently added and a call is made to that contact, the call record will appear in the contact's profile at the next synchronization

You must have an account with administrator privileges in Toky and Pipedrive CRM in order to enable the.

  1. If you just integrated with Pipedrive and don't see the Toky Logo next to the contacts number, make sure you have installed the  Click to call Extension.

    If you don't have this extension. You will not be able to see the Click to Call inside Pipedrive. Your activities will still be logged if you call a registered contact.

  2.  If you receive a call from an unknown number a new contact will be created for the number.

  3. You need to map the agents properly in the 5th step of the integration tutorial.

  • You can search for errors or activities created in the log page here. To search an activity, use the phone number of the Pipedrive contact to search.

  • If you don't have an agent mapped with the Pipedrive account, the activity will be saved but created by default only for the Admin of Pipedrive account.

  • It will not be linked to the agent who made the call until it is mapped properly.

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