You can easily enable your Pipedrive phone integration with Toky following this tutorial.

  • Click on Connect to start the integration.

  • Enter your Pipedrive subdomain

You can find the sub-domain in the URL of your Pipedrive account.

  • Call events to notify

Select which call events you would like Toky to log into your Pipedrive account.

  • Other actions

Add unknown callers as persons: this will create contacts automatically if they don't exist in Pipedrive.

Search in custom fields: If you have a custom phone field you added to the Deal/Organization (besides the one that exists by default), it will be used to search for phone numbers.

  • Notification Language

The language you prefer to use for creating the logs in Pipedrive.

  • Map the agents

Make sure you link an agent from Toky with a User from Pipedrive. Each agent needs to have an account linked so the activities can be logged in their profiles.

  • Install the click to call Chrome Extension

This extension will make it possible to have the Toky Logo next to the contact number to be able to make a call just by clicking on it.

You can install it here.

  • Enable the Pipedrive integration

Once you finish this, you are all ready to go and start the syncing process 😁.

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