When a call (completed, uncompleted, missed or voicemail) is processed in Toky, an activity will be created in Pipedrive. 

For a better understanding of how this works, please read the following information:

1- Toky will import every Person, Deal and Organization with phone numbers to its Database. Also, every 15 to 30 minutes it will resynchronize Pipedrive updates for Deals, Persons and Organizations.

2- Toky imports Pipedrive Users and tries to match with Toky Agents using the email addresses as match value. This matching can be edited in the Pipedrive integration page in Toky.

So, when a call is processed, Toky will search the imported phone numbers, and if it finds a matching number, it will create an activity associated with the contact matching the phone number. The owner of the activity will be the Toky Agent that made or received the call, that matches the Pipedrive user by email.

3-  Persons, Deals and Organizations could have the same numbers assigned, so in that case, the order for activity creation is: Deals > Persons > Organizations.
When a Deal is closed, no activity will be created for that Deal.


  • Synchronization updates from Pipedrive to Toky (could be a new Person or Deal added, a Person phone number update, a Deal closed, etc ) can take time, between 15 to 30 minutes. So, before this update, the activity could take some time to be created or be created with old data.

  • When automatic creation of a new contact is activated, a new contact will be created in Pipedrive and Toky if the number does not exist in Toky database.

  •  If more that one Person (Deal or Organization) have the same number, Toky will use the last updated Person to create the Activity.

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