You can use SMS messaging to send marketing campaigns, customer notifications or invitations and much more. You can use Toky bulk SMS sender add-on to send text messages to customers around the world, from a Google spreadsheet.

What do you need to send SMS?

To send an SMS using Toky you must have:

How to configure Toky bulk SMS add-on

1 - After installing the add-on from Chrome Web Store you will have to open the Add-on and click on Bulk SMS Sender (if you can’t find it, try refreshing the sheet):

2. On the sidebar you will see the Toky SMS sender tool. Click on the API Key title to add your Toky API Key to the required field. You will find the key on this link

3 - After pasting the right API key the Not configured label will disappear and the SMS phone numbers list will be loaded. Click on Bulk SMS process

4 - Select the phone number to be used to send the SMS message.

Preparing the Google Spreadsheet to send SMS

Select a blank Sheet from your Google Spreadsheet:

  1. Click on Tools and Generate Columns then you will see on the row 1, three titles: Phone Number, Message and Status
  2. On the Phone number column add the mobile phone numbers where you want to send your text messages. The phone numbers must have a country code
  3. On the Message column write the message to send. You can customize the SMS message for every phone number and even you can use Google Sheets formulas to do that
  4. Leave the Status column blank
  5. After adding the phone numbers and messages click on the Send SMS button

After clicking on the button, the add-on will start sending SMS. On the status column you will see:

  • Message sent: The message was sent successfully
  • Error: wrong destination phone number is not a mobile number. You must verify that the phone number is right and with the country code specified 

If you receive an error and you are sure the phone number has the right format, please contact our customer service team and we will help you check

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