We can port the great majority of numbers that are part of our coverage. Follow the steps below if you want to bring your numbers to Toky.

Confirm the numbers are portable:

Note: You can ignore this step if you have USA or Canada numbers as they are all portable to Toky.

  1. Send the list of numbers in international format (including country code) and the current provider of those numbers to support@toky.co.
  2. We will run a portability check and have a response within 24 hours.
  3. If you get a positive response, follow the "After Confirmation" steps.
  4. If there are any fees, we will also inform you about this during this process. Almost 100% of times, there are no fees.

After confirmation: 

  1. Upgrade to a paid account: Toky needs to register the number to a valid and existing customer to be able to bring the numbers in.
  2. Send us the latest invoice of the current provider of those numbers.
  3. Sign the Letter of Authorization: we will send you this document via email.

You can send all of this information to support@toky.co.

What to expect afterwards:

  1. Don't cancel your other provider until you get confirmation from Toky that the numbers were fully ported.
  2. Normally, the entire process can last between 10 to 15 days.
  3. Your numbers will continue working normally during this process. There will be no downtime.
  4. We will charge you the normal fee we charge for a new number once the portability process finishes. Example: if your number is from the US we will charge you $4/month for that number.

Progress of an ongoing porting:

The majority of the time needed to perform the portability depends on how fast your current provider releases the number to Toky. We will notify you every time there is a change of state but if you want specific updates, you can also request one by writing to support@toky.co. 

Porting out:

Numbers acquired from Toky can be ported out of the platform at any time without cost. The only requisite is to have the Toky account active until the number is fully ported out and to let us know you intend to port your number outside so we can release it without having to manually verify the legitimacy of the request with you.

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