Right now you cannot directly transfer the calls to an external number using the transfer button in the dial-pad from Toky.

1. You will receive the incoming call from your customer in the app or the extension.

2. After you answer the calls, you will see the transfer button.

3.After you click on it, it will display the menu with the agents that are available to transfer the calls.

You configure a number for the agents so if they receive a call, the call can be forwarded to the configured number. check the article here.

We can configure agents in your account so that you will need to set the call forwarding on these agents, and each time you need to forward the calls to an external number. These will not be real agents. And will work to accomplish the call forwarding.

So if you receive the call, you need to transfer it to the agent we have added, and the call will be forwarded to the external line you've set up.

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