You can easily configure the IVR for basic use with settings like menu options and audios but you can also set advanced configurations. To enable these settings, here are more instructions:

  1. Go to the Dashboard, and click on IVR

  2. Select an IVR and click on Edit

  3. Click on the Advanced Settings button 

In the Advanced Settings window you can configure the following options:

  • Maximum Ringing Time: Seconds the call should ring before being sent to voicemail, call queue, or being forwarded. This value must be between 15 and 59 seconds.

  • Accept Voicemails: Turn this option on if you want to be able to receive voicemails.

  • If no answer, forward the call to an external phone number: Turn this option on if you want to forward the calls to a specific phone number, when no agent is available to answer. 

  • If a call is outside office hours, forward it to an external phone number: Turn this option on if you want to forward inbound calls outside office hours to a specific phone number.

  • Enable Call Queue: Turns on the call queueing feature, required when your customers need to wait in line until an agent becomes available.

  • Maximum Wait Time: In the call queue, amount of time the caller can remain waiting before being asked to leave a voicemail, or the call to be forwarded.

  • If there are available agents and still there's no answer, send call to queue:
    If there's no answer and there are agents available, send the caller to the call queue, instead of sending it to voicemail or forwarding it.

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