Some users reported poor sound quality and call drops using Toky on a Wi-Fi connection. 

So, before contacting customer service team, we recommend trying Toky on a device connected to a wired network. If the problem persist you may have a network connection problem; if the audio quality improves and the connection problems stop, then you must verify your Wi-Fi network.

Common problems affecting Wi-Fi Connection

  • Channel saturation: Your Wi-Fi router could be using the same channel that surrounding wireless networks and this causes interference.

  • Slow connection: You could be too far from the Wi-Fi router or there are walls and objects.

  • Router problems: Sometimes the Wi-Fi routers could start working bad because of technical problems.

What can you do?

Ask your tech support to check the Wi-Fi and the router, they could select a different channel, add extra network devices to boost signal or change some configurations depending on the problem detected, in some cases they can even restart network devices to solve the problem.

If the problem persist call our customer service team

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