Every call in Toky has its own call link; this identifier can be really useful when you are reporting issues with inbound or outbound calls and our customer service team could ask you to send this code in order to check the call and give you a good answer.

To get the call link you must follow this steps:

1. Go to your dashboard or your Call History section.

2. Find the call that you need to send to customer service to check.

3. Click on the three dots option on the right of the list

4. Now click on the Copy Call-ID Link option, to copy the code to the clipboard.

Now you can paste the Call link in an email or chat and send it to our customer service team. 

This is an example of a call-ID link: https://app.toky.co/business/call_history?callid=3RdjuXX.6DApAAGCFFPcNglEqBY3kwI532

You can also click on the Report Call Issues option to report your problems directly to our support team.

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