To forward inbound calls received in your call center to a specific phone number using your IVR, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Dashboard and click on IVR

  2. Select the IVR you want to add the call forwarding option and click on Edit

  3. Add a New Option for the number to be pressed to forward calls. Select the action Send to number.

  4. Enter a mobile phone number or landline in the corresponding field.

  5. Click on Save Changes.


You must keep these items in mind in order to get call forwarding working properly:

  • You must have available credit: Forwarded calls have a per minute cost like normal outbound calls.

  • The phone number must be correct and in international format: To make sure it is correct and fully functional, try making a call to that number using your Toky account.

  • If you use a mobile number, the device must be turned on and with signal: If your smartphone is off or doesn't have a signal, the call will go directly to voicemail as a normal phone call.

  • You can display your Toky phone number or the caller's phone number for caller ID: You can configure Toky to display the caller's ID or the phone number that received the call in your device. Learn to configure this option in this article.

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