1. You will just need to go to the agent's menu in Toky.

2. Click on edit the agent and you will see all the following options 

a. You can click on delete, and the agent will be deleted from your account. If you just paid for the agent you will be able to add a new one and you will not be charged for that.

b.Only the Super Admin of the account will be able to delete the agents.

What will happen to the information of the agents once you delete them?

Call recordings
- The recordings will stay there, but you will not see them with the names of the agents.
Call History
-  The activities will still be there but without the name of the deleted agent
-  The information in the reports will be deleted. You can talk with the support team so we can confirm that

If you have any more questions, you can contact support@toky.co 

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