If you checked some of your calls and see that the activity has not been logged into the CRM yet, after a long period of time, we recommend you first take a look at the integration logs for the CRM you are using.

1. For the Hubspot integration.

2. For the Pipedrive integration.

3. For the Salesforce integration.

4. For the Intercom integration.

4. For the Zoho integration

  • You will need to enter the contact's number in the the search field to see recent activities and their status.

If you receive an error, check the error codes list in the integration logs of the CRM being used. All the standard error messages will be displayed there.

By checking this, it's easier to detect why the calls are not being logged or activities are not being created.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team at support@toky.co,

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