To start you will need to submit a ticket with your current provider and request the transfer of your number to the Toky account.

They may ask you to provide the following information.

1. Associated Ticket ID 

We will make sure to Submit a Ticket with Twilio once we receive the request. You will be provided with the Ticket ID and you can share the one from your current provider with our support team for coordination.

2. Account SID.
You can provide us with the Account SID of the releasing party and we will provide ours. 

3. Point of Contact.
It may be faster and better if you can ask a representative from the releasing party's support team so they can coordinate the transfer. Our point of contact will be

4. Approval Received?
Once you ask the number to be transferred to our account. We will make sure to submit a ticket.
The releasing carrier will receive a notification and they need to accept the transfer once they receive your request.

5. Transfer Date and Transfer Time.
You can confirm the date and time according to your time zone. You can specify that so we will do it accordingly.

6. Numbers to be moved.
With the request, you will need to send us the numbers that you want to transfer.

You can email the form to with the subject Twilio Transfer. The process will take just hours if this is completed accordingly with the right indications.

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