Toky is a virtual phone system and its architecture involves several components used to provide high-quality calls and support our call center features; unfortunately despite having a great technological formula, stable and high-speed internet and great providers some things could fail and this could generate a bad call experience.

We want to explain a little how Toky works, show you some common problems affecting not only Toky, but all the VoIP services and give you some possible solutions.

How Toky works

Basically, a phone call with Toky uses your headset or multimedia system to transfer your voice through your computer that converts it into small data packets which are uploaded to internet and travel to our Toky servers where depending on the destination they are routed using different carriers that connect Toky with your customer’s phone.

When you use our iOS or Android apps, basically you use the mobile device audio system to start the process and the rest is the same as the calls from web apps.

Details and common issues of every component

Headset and multimedia

You can use a headset for making and receiving calls in your desktop computer using Toky in our web app, Chrome extension or Mac or Windows apps. Sometimes you can experience bad sound quality or no sound at all when making or receiving phone calls due to a bad headset or configuration problems. These articles could help you:


Your computer is responsible for receiving your voice through the microphone and send it to Toky servers and besides receives audio from the internet and play it using the speakers or headset. In your computer, you can use Toky in your web browser as a web app or you can download our desktop calling apps for Mac and Windows. To ensure a good experience with Toky, we recommend:

  • Google Chrome updated

  • Minimun 4 Gb RAM

  • Intel i5 processor or equivalent

These articles that can help you to solve common problems related to your computer:


Toky uses your network connection and your internet to send VoIP packets to our servers. Instability on the local network or in your internet connection could generate problems like calls dropped or voice quality issues. Toky doesn't need an extreme internet connection speed, and average connection works but stability is a key factor in getting good calls and use the platform properly. Your computer and network firewall must be configured to allow Toky traffic.

You can use our connection tester to check your connection to our servers and send us the results in case you suspect there is something wrong.

These articles can help you to solve common network problems:

Is really important to understand that if you are using a home internet service you must avoid using streaming video or audio services like Netflix or YouTube while you are using Toky. These services usually consume high bandwidth and as a home internet service is not usually optimized for business purposes you could experiment call quality issues.


Toky is the virtual phone system platform, and as soon as a call is received, our system starts the process required. Toky processes a lot of inbound and outbound calls, and also SMS from all over the world. We have servers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia and Toky routes your calls using the servers near your location to ensure call quality. If you have issues with your calls and you already discarded problems with your headset, computer, mobile phone or networking, you must check our status page or you can check this articles that can help you:

We also have several integrations with CRM and business apps and you can find many articles about every one in our help center.


Toky uses several carriers to connect your calls around the world and the carrier selected depends on the destination or source country. We can change default carriers for every country looking for better quality or lower prices per minute. Carrier problems also generate problems in call's quality and stability, our platform is monitoring the carriers and usually has more than one per country so we can provide a continuous service. If you report problems with your calls, our team will work on every component of the call from your connection to the carrier to solve the issue as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact

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