This trigger is useful to send notification of new voicemails and even the voicemail recording to any other app. It has the following fields:

  • Date of the Voicemail: The date and time when the voicemail was created.

  • From number of the Voicemail: The caller id of the voicemail. Could be a number or an email address.

  • Record url of the Voicemail on Toky Web: Contains the url of the voicemail recording in Toky web. 

  • Status of the Voicemail: abandoned or completed

  • Duration of the Voicemail: Duration in seconds of the voicemail.

  • From number Raw

  • Toky number of the Voicemail: The toky number that received the voicemail.

  • Record url of the Voicemail on Cloud Storage

  • Recording URL Raw: Contains the url to the voicemail recording file. You can use this url if you want to access the file directly. You can use this URL for file download actions.

  • If the call is web or not: Is yes, if the voicemail was generated from a web call, otherwise is no

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