If you want to port your actual phone number, your actual service provider requires a document as proof that you have requested and authorized to transfer your number to Toky. This proof is the Letter of Authorization, and we can provide you one to fill out so you can start the porting process. 

There are some important fields to fill out that could generate confusions, and we want to explain further here:

Carrier information:

  • Current Voice Carrier: Name of the carrier where your actual phone number is registered.

  • Current Account Number: If your number has an account number or ID with the carrier. You can ask the carrier this directly, and if you don’t have an account number, you can leave this field empty.


  • CPF: It is the virtual equivalent of the social security number in the United States. The CPF is for individuals.

  • CNPJ: It is the virtual equivalent of an employer identification number in the United States. The CNPJ is for companies.

If you still have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team at support@toky.co, or via a message in our support chat on the Toky homepage.

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