Toky instant call will allow you to start calls with customers inside an Intercom conversation. To use this integration you must have:

  • An admin account in Toky

  • A paid Intercom account

  • Instant call integration installed. You can learn how to enable it on this article

How to use Toky Instant call?

1. Find the Toky icon on the toolbar for your current conversation.

2. After clicking on Toky instant call icon you will see a popup with two options for sharing your card:

a. This option will share your personal call link, so the customer will call you directly.
b. You can select any telephone menu available so the customer can call any agents group.

After clicking on the desired button an Instant call card is inserted in the chat, just click on Send 

3. Customer clicks on the Call for Free button and next click on the call button

You can also learn how to log your call activities and call your contacts inside Intercom following the steps of this article

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