You can integrate Toky with your applications in real time using webhooks. To register a webhook you must follow these steps:

  • Enter the parameters required:

  1. Enter the hook_url where Toky will post data in json format after finishing every event.

  2. Enter the event you want to get its data; it could be: new_call,  new_voicemail,  or new_sms

  3. Enter your Toky's API Key

  4. Enter application/json  as Content-Type

  5. Click on Try it!

  • Check the results of the operation on the side panel:

You must write down the generated id which you will need in case you want to delete the webhook.

Now, Toky will send data to the registered URL every time the even finishes. You can check the values sent by Toky for each event on the webhook's developers reference

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