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When a customer sends a message to your business on WhatsApp, a 24-hour chat session will start.

 You will see a notification on the side menu with the unread messages count.

For session messages, you pay a flat fee per inbound or outbound message of $0.005

Once a session starts you will see the timer at the top of the chat that indicates you the time you have to reply, this timer resets every time your customer responds. 

 If you fail to respond within the time limit, you will see a timer expired notification instead of the timer.

You can receive text, image, video, audio, files, and location pins, and you can send text up to 4096 characters long.
To SEND a message simply write on the TEXT AREA and CLICK SEND or PRESS CRTL+ENTER.

If you think you are finished with a conversation you can select and archive it.

Once archived you can’t reply to your customer anymore unless your customer starts a new conversation.

On the top, you can change the current number you are using or filter the conversations you are reading by All, Unread and Archived Conversations.

If you have further questions, you can reach us at support@toky.co

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