To set up your WhatsApp profile or make changes to it, you have to contact Please note that in the first setup, all fields are required.

Profile Picture

Your image must be larger than 192 x 192 px and a maximum of 5 MB. As WhatsApp scales and crops profile photos to be square, we recommend an image size of 640 x 640 px.


Add a status that your customers will see on your WhatsApp Business profile.(128 Characters)

Business email

Add an email that customers can contact your business on. This will be displayed publicly on your WhatsApp profile.

Business address

Your address to ensure your customers see the most up-to-date address for your business.

Business description

Provide a short description to give your customers a good idea of what your business does.

Business industry

The sector that your business is part of. For example, food delivery or retail.

Business website

Submit the URL for your business website so that customers can find out more about you.

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