Once you’ve been through the WhatsApp Business activation process, these will be the new charges on your account:

  • A flat monthly fee of US $65 or US $50 if you pay annually, and a commitment from the company of at least a year of use. 

  • US$ 0.005 for every inbound and outbound message that goes through the platform

  • Phone numbers and agents are not included in the bundle, those will be charged separately. Learn more about the numbers you can use for WhatsApp Business here.

What does the feature allow you to do?

  • Reply to any customer-initiated conversation from any country with a flat fee per message

  • Any agent in your account will be able to read and answer conversations.

  • You can activate the use of WhatsApp Business for as many phone numbers as you need. This feature only accepts SMS enabled phone numbers.

Learn more about Toky and WhatsApp Business in this link

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