You can add notes and tags to inbound and outbound calls.

Add notes and tags during the call

When you are in a call, you can click on the Notes and Tags button.

Next you will see the Call details page for the current call and there you can add the notes and tags you need.

You can start typing the tags and Toky will suggest words previously used, press the <Right arrow> key to complete and <Enter> to add. Notes can be added typing the text in the corresponding field and pressing <Enter> to add.

Add notes and tags after a call ends

You can add more information to finished calls easily. You need to go to Call History and click on the blue arrow to open the Call details page. Now you can add or remove tags and notes to the call.

Any agent can add more notes to the call and improve information and add tags to highlight the call or classify it according to your sales and support processes.

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