What type of call centers can I create with Toky?

You can create any type of call centers including:

  • Outbound call center: Call center focused on making outbound calls to a list of customers or leads. This call centers is commonly used for telemarketing, debt collecting, financial services, or sales in general.

  • Inbound call center: Call center specialized in receiving incoming calls from customers or leads through local or toll free phone numbers or online calls. This call centers is used for customer service.

  • Blended call center: Call center where agents can handle inbound and outbound calls. This is usually used to improve efficiency because when agents are not answering inbound calls, can start an outbound call for sales or customer service.

  • Domestic call center: Call center that can make and receive calls from one location, like a country or even a city.

  • International call center: Call center that can make and receive calls from different countries, this call center requires a team with multilingual capabilities.

What Toky features can you use?

You can require for these call centers these features:

Basic call center features

For outbound calls :

For inbound calls:

Additional features:


(1) Not included in any plan. You can buy it as an add-on

(2) Included in Business and Enterprise plan. Entrepreneur plan can use it paying extra fee.

(3) Included in Enterprise plan. Entrepreneur and Business plans can use it paying extra fee.

How to start your call center with Toky?

You can start a basic configuring your business call center following these steps:

Configuring your Toky:

  1. Set your browser to use your headset or speakers and microphone

  2. Create your team adding new agents

  3. Enabling call forwarding

  4. Set up the office hours of your company

  5. Buy some credit to continue making calls

  6. Buy virtual phone numbers, ask for an SMS enabled phone number if you want to send SMS to your customers.

  7. Configure IVR set up multi-level IVR if you need it

  8. Configure audio greetings for IVR and live calls

  9. Install our Click to call widget in your website for inbound calls

  10. Add customers to Toky phone directory

  11. Configure Call Monitoring and Whispering

  12. Install our apps

  13. Enable the integration with your CRM or tool

Using Toky

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