• Open your desktop calling app and click on the Phone tab in the bottom of the app.

  • Now you can use the dialer to make the call.

  1. Type the phone number in international format (E.164).

  2. You will see the name of the contact related to the phone number If it belongs to a contact in the phone directory or to any customer or lead from your CRM or business apps integrated with Toky.

  3. Select the caller ID; this is the phone number displayed in the phone screen of your customers or registered by their caller Id.

  4. You can use the dial pad to type the phone number.

  5. If the phone number is correctly formatted, the Call will enable itself so you can click on it to initiate the call.

  • The call will start and you will see this window.

  1. Customer information, if the number is related to a contact from the Phone Directory or any enabled integration you can see the name.

  2. Duration of the call

  3. Click to transfer the call to other agent, group or external phone number

  4. Mute and enable audio in the call by clicking on this button.

  5. Click to hold the call, the other party will listen to the hold music you have configured.

  6. Click to display a numeric dial pad useful to type extension numbers or IVR options.

  7. You can add notes and tags to the call

  8. Click to use the voicemail drop option

  9. Click to hang up the call.

If you have any questions please contact support@toky.co or start a chat from our website.

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