You can make calls easily within your CRM integrated with Toky

  • Install the Toky click to call Chrome Extension

  • Login to your CRM in a new Chrome tab or reload if you have one already open.

  • You must see the Toky icon next to the phone numbers, usually these are in the contacts section or in any list that displays your customer's phone number

  • Click on the Toky icon and a popup window will appear displaying the dialer with the related phone number. The popup will ask for your Toky credentials If you are not already logged in.

  • You can call using the dialer, if you need more details about what you can do, you can read this article.

This extension only works with apps and CRM integrated with Toky. If you have any questions or if you use any CRM not listed in our integrations page, please contact or start a chat from our website.

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