What kind of business can use remote workers?

  • Virtual call center: Some businesses can hire call center agents in several locations to serve customers from their homes or different offices and time zones. These businesses don't require the agents to be in the same office, so they can rely on a cloud phone system for handling inbound and outbound calls.

  • Virtual PBX: A business can work without a physical office and its employees can execute their tasks from a home office or distributed locations, connected using internet and cloud solutions to serve customers and collaborate as if they were in the same office. Toky can be used as business phone system for internal or external calls so you can communicate with employees, customers and providers.

What Toky features can you use?

You can require for these business phone system features:

Basic call center features

For outbound calls :

For inbound calls:

Additional features:


* Not included in any plan. You can buy it as an add-on

** Included in Business and Enterprise plan. Entrepreneur plan can use it paying extra fee.

*** Included in Enterprise plan. Entrepreneur and Business plans can use it paying extra fee.

How to start your call center with Toky?

You can start a basic configuring your business call center following these steps:

Configuring your Toky:

  1. Set your browser to use your headset or speakers and microphone

  2. Create your team adding new agents

  3. Set agents extension numbers

  4. Enabling call forwarding

  5. Set up the office hours of your company

  6. Buy some credit to continue making calls

  7. Buy virtual phone numbers, ask for an SMS enabled phone number if you want to send SMS to your customers.

  8. Configure IVR set up multi-level IVR if you need it

  9. Configure audio greetings for IVR and live calls

  10. Install our Click to call widget in your website for inbound calls

  11. Add customers to Toky phone directory

  12. Configure Call Monitoring and Whispering

  13. Install our apps

  14. Enable the integration with your CRM or tool

Using Toky

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