In order to avoid abuse to our system and provide our service in the quality you require, we have established a fair use controls.

If Toky considers that the Customer's traffic is not consistent with normal, fair, and reasonable use of the services, Toky will provide the Customer with a written notice by email before taking any action. The Customer can explain the reasons for the exceeded use and Toky may allow a reasonable period to modify such use or discuss special terms and conditions about pricing of the services.

You can receive notification about exceeding Fair Use Limits in cases like these:

  • The total number of calls made/received and/or minutes used exceeds the regular use.

  • You consume a lot of minutes on inbound calls and only a few o none on outbound calls.

  • You made a lot of repetitive unsuccessful calls

  • You send too many SMS in a short period of time.

Check section 6.3 of Terms of Service for more details about Contact Center use.

If you have any questions please contact or start a chat from our website.

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