You can find the profile menu in the upper right corner of your Toky Dashboard. This useful menu has several options related with your account, payments and more.

Profile menu options

  1. My Account: Allows you to configure your own agent settings like public profile, working days and hours, call settings, notification settings, and other preferences.

  2. Company Profile: In this option, you can configure your company's public profile and business working days and hours.

  3. Audio Settings: You can use this option to configure your microphone and speakers and play an echo test to try the settings.

  4. Change Password: Use this option to change your own password.

  5. API Key: This option will open a new window where you can get the API Key which you can use to enable some integrations or to use the Toky API in your own applications.

  6. Recommend Toky: Click to get some free Toky credit, by referring friends.

  7. Payments Panel: Use this option to pay for Toky services or buy credit and to manage your billing information.

  8. Make me Invisible/Visible: Change your availability when connected. If you are invisible you are offline for receiving phone calls.

  9. Log Out: Click to close your current session.

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