Public Profile

  1. Profile Pic: Change your displayed profile picture.

  2. Full Name: Name displayed in the Toky platform.

  3. Email: Email used for notifications and log in.

  4. Extension: A number the customer can dial after the greeting to call the agent directly.

  5. Personal Phone Number: This phone number is used when you enable call forwarding.

  6. Personal Call Link: This is the link you can share with customers, and they can call you directly with a live call.

  7. Language: Configure the language in your Toky platform.

My Office Hours

  1. Available on: Define your working days and hour.

  2. Timezone: Set your timezone.

Call Settings

  1. General: Restrict calls to only agents calls or enable outbound call recordings if you are an admin.

  2. Permissions: Allow agents to pause and unpause call recordings. Only for admins.

  3. Call monitoring: Set configurations for call monitoring. Only for super admins.

  4. Forward calls to my personal phone number: Define when to enable call forwarding to the phone number configured in your Public Profile.

  5. Custom Voicemail Message: Set your personalized voicemail greeting.

  6. Voicemail drop: Configure pre-recorded messages you can use when you are sent to voicemail to outbound calls.


Enable or disable notifications for several events in the Toky apps.


You can use this setting to enable or disable the Extended Agents Dashboard. It's only available for admins and when you have more than 3 agents.

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