Open the call history from the side menu in the Toky dashboard.

Call History window

1. Filter: Filter by phone number, agents, date ranges, call status and country

2. Click to select all the visible call records.

3. Call date

4. Click to select call records individually to enable the Delete button

5. Click on the phone number to open the dialer with the number preloaded.

6. When an unknown caller is detected you can see a button, and when clicked, you can create a new contact in the Toky Directory with the related number.

7. Click on the blue arrow to display the call details window. The call details window will show you information about call source and destination, call recordings, technical information, and more.

8. When Toky identifies a phone number as related to a customer synchronized from a CRM, you can see the CRM logo, click on it to display the customer information in the integrated CRM.

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