You can use Integromat to create automations using Toky and your business apps. To enable Toky inside Integromat follow these steps:

  • Create a New Scenario

  • Type Toky in the search bar, click on the logo and then, click on Continue

  • Click on the Toky logo and then click on any module, like List Agents

  • You will see a popup asking for a connection; click on Add

  • Type the name for the connection and then paste your Toky API key and click on Continue. If you don't know how to get yours, please read this article.

  • You will have to enter the parameters for the module you selected, this is an example for the Create a Text Message module.

You can now use Toky in any scenario inside Integromat; you can always find your connection in the related section:

To learn more about how to use this integration to automate your processes and connect Toky to other CRMs and business apps, please visit the Toky listing in Integromat.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact

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