To integrate Toky with Kustomer you must go to the integration settings panel do the following:

  1. Login to the Toky Dashboard

  2. Click on Integrations in the Tools section

  3. Find Kustomer CRM in the list of integrations and click on it

  4. In the right panel, under the Integrate with Kustomer section and follow the steps.

What do you need to enable the integration?

  • Install the Toky click to call extension for Google Chrome. This will allow you to call with few clicks within Kustomer.

  • The Kustomer API Key that you will find after log in into your Kustomer account and going to the Settings > Security > API Keys page. There, create, copy and paste the API key into the corresponding box in the Toky integration panel. Make sure the roles assigned to the API key are: org.admin org.hooks org.user

  • The Kustomer domain which you can see in your browser address bar after log in into your Kustomer account.

  • Fill all the fields, enable the options you need and click on Enable and then in Save Changes.


  • The synchronization time will depend on the number of contacts you have in Kustomer CRM

  • Every 10 minutes synchronization process is performed for new contacts/leads

  • If a contact is recently added and a call is made to that contact, the call record will appear in the contact's profile at the next synchronization

Got questions?

If you use other products you would like to see integrated please send us a note at You can learn more about all existing Toky integrations and importers here.

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