Usually when there is nothing off on your account settings but you're still experiencing issues, is time to use the reporting tool BEB.

First, add the extension (add-on) to your Chrome Web Browser by clicking on this link.

You'll see something like this:

There, click on "Add to Chrome" and when it asks for permission, click on "Add extension" like on this picture:

After that a screen like this will appear:

Simply go back to and then click on the puzzle icon:

that will drop down a menu like this and you just need to "Pin the extension"

The Bird Icon will now appear on your web browser.

The next step is to click on it and then on the green button "Enable bird"

You'll see that the Bird is enabled!

The next step would be to actually use the tool.

Here's a video on how to:

Simply follow the steps and then share the link with the support team.

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