Toky has three pre-defined roles: Super-Admin, Admin, and Agents. All of them can make outbound calls and answer inbound calls, also, all of them receive call notification emails.



Super Admins have the full set of capabilities and is the only one who can delete Admin users.


  • Call History

  • Call Recordings

  • SMS (if available)

  • Voicemail

  • Phone Directory

  • Profile configuration for business and agents

  • Reports

  • Agent management

  • Agent Group management

  • Telephone Menu settings

  • IVR configuration

  • Greeting Audios

  • Phone Numbers

  • Widget Generator

  • Outbound calls

  • Configuration of CRM Integrations and more

  • Assign Call Whispering/Call Monitoring permissions

  • Enable pause / continue call recording to admin agents

  • Pause and continue call recordings

  • Change payment details


Admins have all features capabilities of Super-Admin role, but they can't delete other Admin accounts and change payment details.


Only Agents have fewer capabilities in Toky.


  • Agent's Call History. They can only see the information about the calls from the group they were assigned to.

  • SMS (if available)

  • Listen to agent's call recordings

  • Voicemail. They can only see Private Voicemails and the Voicemails related to the group they were assigned to.

  • Phone Directory

  • Widget Generator

  • Outbound calls

  • Use of preconfigured Integrations 

  • WhatsApp Business (if enabled)

Can I change an agent's email?

Configure agents and their groups

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