1. Go to the Dashboard, and click on IVR.

2. Click on Configure Audios.

3. Configure it with your own audios:

  • Greeting: the first message played when a person calls your number.
  • Voicemail: played when no one is connected to Toky to take the call, or if no one answers.
  • Busy: played when all agents are busy on another call. After this message is played, the Music on Hold will be played afterwards. There is no way of exiting this message without hanging out, unless the caller presses the star key that will trigger the voicemail system so they can leave a message if waiting is not an option.
  • Music on Hold: can be music or any message that will be played after the Busy message.
  • Closed: played when a call comes outside of business days/hours. After this message is played, the voicemail machine (without the voicemail message) will kick in.
  • Invalid Option: played when the caller presses an invalid option in your IVR. This message is optional and if none is present, the Greeting message will be repeated. 

You can:

  1. Upload from your computer: wave (.wav) and mp3 files are supported.
  2. Record them using your microphone.
  3. Select pre-recorded audios and drag them to the corresponding boxes.

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