Why integrate with Slack? 

You’ll synchronize your telephone events with Slack. And keep your team always on the same page.

Key features

Receive notifications about the following events directly in the Slack channel of your preference.:

  • Missed calls

  • Outbound calls

  • Answered calls 

  • Text messages 

  • Voicemails 

How to Integrate with Slack

To integrate Slack and Toky you must follow these steps

  • In Toky's Dashboard make click on Integrations

  • Look for the Slack icon and click on it

  • Click the Add to Slack button

  • If you are already logged in Slack and you have the necessary permissions, choose the channel where you want to receive Toky's notifications.

  • Click on Allow

  • Now you can return to Slack integration configuration and select the events to send to Slack and language used

Learn more about what you can get with our Slack Integration

Learn more about this tool in our Slack Quick Guide

Got questions?

If you use other products you would like to see integrated please send us a note at support@toky.co. You can learn more about all existing Toky integrations and importers here.

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