If you have the microphone access blocked, you would see a squared X below the camera icon in the address bar of Google Chrome. This is the indication Chrome gives you to show you app.toky.co won't be able to access your microphone.

To re-enable access, follow the steps below:

  • Click on Secure in the address bar, and locate Microphone and Notifications

  • Click Always allow on this site for both of them

  • Refresh the page, and the squared X should be gone

If the error persists, please go to you Chrome Microphone Settings:

  • Go to your Chrome Settings page

  • Search for content settings and click on the selected option

  • Click on Microphone

  • Check that the correct microphone is selected and that the Toky app link is allowed. If the link is blocked, please remove the Toky link from the blocked sites.

If the problem persist, please check your headset or contact our customer service.

On Mac

Make sure Toky (desktop app) and Google Chrome (for the web app) are allowed to access your microphone by checking your Security & Privacy settings

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