Go to Intercom in the Integrations menu and click on the Connect with Intercom button.

Configuring Intercom integration

After enabling the Intercom integration and installing our click to call Google Chrome Extension you can go to your Intercom Integration panel to customize the integration.

You can select if you want to log:

  • Missed Calls

  • Voicemails

  • Answered Calls

  • Outbound Calls

You can define some other actions like:

  • Add unknown callers as leads: If enabled every inbound call is registered as a new contact.

  • Sync with my connected CRMs: If enabled, before creating a generic contact in Intercom, look for the caller's info in other CRM's integrated with Toky and if it found something, uses this information to create the contact in Intercom.

You can select the languages for the notifications which can be English, Spanish, Portuguese or French and you can map the Intercom and Toky agents so the events are always assigned to the right person.


  • The synchronization time will depend on the number of contacts you have in Intercom

  • Every 10 minutes synchronization process is performed for new contacts/leads

  • If a contact is recently added and a call is made to that contact, the call record will appear in the contact's profile at the next synchronization

Learn more about how to use this CRM with Toky in this article.

Got questions?

If you use other products you would like to see integrated please send us a note at support@toky.co. You can learn more about all existing Toky integrations and importers here.

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