1. We can port most of the numbers. 

To start you just need to upgrade to a paid plan and send over the following information: 

-Numbers you will need to port in the international dialing code.
-The provider you would like to port them from.

You can send all this info to support@toky.co with the subject Portability.

2. We will make a portability check that will allow us to confirm if your numbers are portable. We need to do this because of the following reasons; 

  • Some special numbers cannot be ported due to local restrictions.
  • The numbers may require the user to share specific documentation according to the country of the number .
  • Porting in the United States, and Canada is free. For other countries, fees may apply.

3. If you want to start the process you just need to upgrade to a paid account. And the following documentation is required.

  • Letter of Authorization (LOA) from Toky signed and completed with the required information (We'll send you this after we confirm the country of the number).
  • Last service invoice of your current provider.
  • Address and Identification proof (The ID proof can be a copy of a Passport or an Identification Card from the country).

We will confirm which information you need to share with us once we confirm the numbers you want to port.

The Address needs to follow the following structure:

-Postal Code:

If the number is from the US or Canada there is no fee, but we will confirm that once we start the process.

You can send all this to support@toky.co

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