To configure the IVR first you must ask our support team to enable it for your account and get a virtual phone number associated with your account.

The IVR can be easily configured with the following steps:

  1. Go to Toky's Dashboard
  2. Click on IVR option in the Telephony section
  3. Click on New IVR
  4. Select the  Phone number that will use the IVR
  5. Select in When no digit is pressed what you wish to happen when the caller doesn't press any button.
  6. Click on New Option to add new menu options and to assign them the action to execute which can be: send to group, send to agent, send to Voicemail. repeat options.
  7. Click on Configure Audios to create or assign the audios that the IVR will play for every situation which can be: Greeting, Voicemail, Busy, Music on hold, Closed and Invalid Option
  8. Click on Save Changes

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