Google Data Studio is a free reporting tool which you can use to easily create dashboards and reports. You can create unlimited free reports and dashboards connected to several data sources; the reports created can be edited and shared with few clicks. 

You can add your own tables and charts and with our Toky Connector you can design your own call center reports with your logo, corporate colors and monitoring your defined KPI.

Toky Connector

Our Data Studio Connector will allow you to get the last 15 days of call data from your Toky account, using your API Key.


  • Toky paid account
  • Data Studio free account

After adding our Toky Connector to your Data Studio account you must  enter the Toky API Key that you can get from your account and then you must enter the following parameters:

  1. Report Timezone GMT: Enter the main time zone for your call center in GMT format, for example: GMT+5 
  2. Working time starting hour: Enter the starting working hour for your business in 24h format, for example 6 for 6am, 8 for 8 am etc.
  3. Working time ending hour: Enter the final working hour for your business in 24h format, for example 18 for 6pm, 20 for 8 pm etc.
  4. Use template by default: Check this option to add the template report designed for us so you can start monitoring your call center.

Metrics and Dimensions
These are the fields you can use in the report to show as tables, charts or pivot tables.

  • Internal call Id: Internal Toky call identifier
  • Call Source: Source of the call, it can be a phone number or any agent identifier.
  • Call Destination: Destination of the call
  • Country: Source country code for inbound calls
  • Country name: Country name for inbound calls
  • Start Time: Date and hour when the call was made
  • Call date: Date of the call
  • Call duration (sec): Call duration in seconds
  • Agent email: Email for the agent involved in the call
  • Call duration (min): Call duration in minutes
  • Destination Country: Destination country code for outbound calls
  • Destination Country name: Destination Country name for outbound calls
  • Call direction: Call direction inbound or outbound
  • Web call: If yes, the call was made from your website, Facebook or using the call link
  • Phone number used: Phone number used for inbound or outbound calls
  • Call status: Status of inbound and outbound calls. (Details below)
  • Call Time: Group calls AM = Before 12 m, PM = After 12 m
  • Calls missed: 1 = Missed, 0 = Answered
  • Inbound Calls: 1 = Inbound, 0 = Not Inbound
  • Outbound Calls: 1 = Outbound, 0 = Not Outbound
  • Voicemail: 1 = voicemail, 0 = Not voicemail
  • Internal call: 1 = internal call between agents, 0 = Not internal (Customers)
  • Call NOT in working time: 0 = In working time, 1 = Not in working time
  • Working time: Before working time, In working time or After Working time
  • Disposition code: Identification code for call final state
  • Disposition code description: General description for every disposition code (Details below)

These are the details for some fields:

Call status description

  • Answered: Inbound or outbound call successfully answered.
  • Missed: Inbound call not answered.
  • Voicemail: Inbound call where the caller left a voicemail.
  • Cancelled: Inbound call where the caller ended the call before being connected to an agent or even to our system.
  • Unsuccessful: Outbound calls not answered by the receiver, maybe because the phone number was busy, or the call was ended before being answered.

Disposition code description: 

  • Wrong or incomplete Number
  • Temporarily Unavailable
  • Number or destination not found
  • Connection Error
  • Client connection error
  • Cancelled
  • Call not answered
  • Call completed
  • Busy

More information

At Toky, your data and your privacy is very important, and we take care of it with the seriousness it deserves. You could learn more about this in the following links:

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